Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Game: Impact of Towers Review

Impact of Towers: Xbox Live Indie Game: Publisher Kali.

Impact of Towers official description goes like this:

Hordes of creatures from a distant planet want capture our poor animals.
You can not allow that.
You are our last chance.
Be the commander and the strategist.
This is a Tower Defense.
This is Impact of Towers.

As precious as that description above is (Am I the only one thinking "This is Sparta") I much prefer this verbiage in-game located under history.

They are hugely many, fast, restraints
They have lots of equipments like
teleports and aircrafts. Fortunately for
us, they are also stupids.

Now that is Jill Sandwich level gameplay writing.

Impact of Towers is a tower defense game and I admit I am a sucker for the genre. Unfortunately for Impact being a sucker I already have a good half a dozen tower defense games on my hard drive. Impact alas doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

It does have plenty of tower choices, unfortunately none of the towers in the demo seem all that keen in keeping the bad guys from entering the magical place where we keep our poor animals. The first level is called Texas but it could have been called basement in brown for all the graphics let on. Other US levels share such monikers as Alaska, Brazil and Victoria Island of all things and by the looks of them they also resemble a color coded basement.

The controls could have been a lot more intuitive and I kept getting killed on easy in the demo which is not a good sign (It may be a sign I suck I agree. But no matter how you slice it it's not a good sign.) The game never seemed to give me any idea why I was getting killed. (Need to upgrade rather than build new? Need more of those useless freeze towers? Need to stop tuning the entire screen red every time I try push the wrong button?)

Overall I very well might have picked up Impact of Towers at the $1 price point because I am a sucker for tower games and lord knows I would get my frustrating monies worth. Fortunately for my blood pressure Impact is $3 thereby making a decision to pass that much easier.

Score $1.50

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"The Klan is coming for your Monkey" as drawn by Timothy age 9.

I believe this is the Detroit level.

Plenty of different towers available. The Dark Tower shoots "The Closer". Maybe it is some sort of Glengarry Glen Ross tower defense game

The Freeze Tower says it slows down your enemies but from the demo I can assure you it is an overpriced piece of crap with little area effect.

Who will defend the tower from the bunny with dynamite... No one I tell you. No one.

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