Friday, July 9, 2010

Indie Game Review: Radiangames Crossfire

Radiangames Crossfire: Xbox Live Indie Game: Publisher Radiangames

Well hell has frozen over, pigs have taken flight and Duke Nukem Forever must be available in stores now cause the XBOX Live Indie Games service has produced two games in a row that don't feature zombies, bodily functions or avatars. Whats more both games look and play like ten dollar arcade titles.

The first game Aphelion I just previewed while the second is the titular Radiangames Crossfire.

Radiangames Crossfire E

Crossfire is a take on Space Invaders/Galaga game with a twist. You can switch from the bottom of the board to the top and the aliens stay in the middle. Most aliens in the beginning only face and shoot one way so switching is a simple strategic choice.

Radiangames Crossfire A

Soon however aliens are shooting both directions, Alien Saucers are cruising where your ship lies and ammo needs to be collected so switching becomes more much manic as the game progresses.

Radiangames Crossfire B

The graphics color, speed and techno soundtrack are all spot on. It is the controls that create a game full of win. By making the right trigger the "switch button" you soon are instinctively switching without thinking all the while blasting away. Rarely has a game felt so comfortable in such a short period of time.

Radiangames Crossfire C

If there is any fault in the game it is the individual levels start off hard and become progressively easier. Once you clear a few columns you give yourself a little breathing room to snipe the other aliens no matter what direction you or they are facing. I am not sure that is the way the designers meant me to play their game. It feels a little like when in Gran Turismo I would use the opponent cars as cushions in tight turns (sending them into the dirt naturally.)

Radiangames Crossfire D

That quibble aside this is an instant arcade classic... excuse me Indie Game classic. My rating $10 of course they will only charge you $3.

Review Score: $10

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Radiangames Crossfire F

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