Indie Game Review: Leximo

Leximo: Xbox Live Indie Game: Developer:Ninth Planet Games

First off Leximo has some of the best game music I have heard in a Indie or for that matter any video game. I feel like I am listening to a French chanteuse wearing a red dress while I down my 30 year-old whiskey while she tugs my heartstrings with every melodious note.

Leximo C

Which is a good thing cause the game itself caused me to question my sanity. Leximo is a combination of Tetris and Scrabble. I hate Tetris games and honestly Scrabble has never been my strong suit but I went in with a open mind nevertheless.

Leximo B

Leximo has an board six diamonds long and eight diamonds high on which you are supposed to spell words from the letters that drop Tetris like from above. I would like to meet the person who actually passed the first level. The letters move at a fairly good clip and the playing field gets crowded fairly quick. Like Scrabble you often end up with more vowels than you need and trying to get the letters in the right space with the diamond shapes is a challenge of its own.

Leximo F

Letters don't disappear when a match is made so the field is limited to a maximum of 144 letters. Since letters get buried uselessly at the bottom and the game ends when a letter touches the top of the screen realistically one has about eighty letters to spell words with. Now try to spell 25 three letter words with eighty letters. Now imagine doing it in a Tetris style game.

Leximo E

One other strange note is that the game is a huge fan of 1337 speak. Which strikes me both as bizarre for an intellectual word game and an irritant along the lines of those video games that ruin perfectly good snowboarding and skating titles with an overdose of 'tude.

Leximo D

Leximo is a game with nice sharp graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. Perhaps I should be wearing a dunce cap, but I found the difficulty level off the charts.

Score: $1 if you play the demo and mange to get past the first level. Otherwise simply buy the soundtrack.

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Leximo A


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