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List of Video Game Reviews and Previews.

Welcome to my crowded review round-up.

First a note: I score reviews based on price rather than a numerical score. I do this not just to differentiate myself from other reviewers but because I feel it simply is a better measurement. Prey as an example was a pretty horrible $60 title. At $3.99 a Gamestop it is well worth picking up. Many games that were to short or simply to flawed to be a decent full priced title simply become a fun experience at a lower price point. Not worth a dollar games on the other hand are not just not worth the money but more importantly are not worth your time.

I often include qualifiers such as if you made it past the first level on the demo or if you are a Mega Man fan in my actual reviews, so please feel free to click on said reviews for clarification.

A final note some people have written in to ask what is an Indie Game. Go to Game Marketplace on Xbox Live scroll up till you see indie games and you will find over a thousand games priced between $1 and $5 wa…

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