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Videogame Roundup 8/4/2010... Collector's Edition

Well the big news this week is Starcraft 2. It looks good and I expect Korea will shut down for August. For those that have more money than sense, (Your faithful blogger definitively fits in this category as well) there is a collector's edition which is currently available second hand on Amazon for a low $126 dollars.

Videogame Roundup 842010  Starcraft 2 collectors edition

Who would spend such coin on a collector's edition? Well it is very nice as can be seen on this video from The Escapist, where guest star Wolverine mangles one. (Even I cringed as he manhandled the comic book that comes with it... it is a strange feeling when your inner geek shows itself.)

Not all collectors editions are so dear of course. For example Bioshock 2 came out with a massive collectors edition. (Seriously its the size of the Beatles Rock Band box) and by the sheer number of dust covered copies still available at various stores I have visited (Best Buy, Gamespot, Fredrick's of Hollywood) they haven't exactly been flying off shelves. In fact Amazon has it for $69 dollars new which obviously is only $10 more than the game cost by itself at launch. I have a feeling that many brick and mortar stores have reduced Bioshock 2's collector edition even more than Amazon, just so they can free up some shelf space for a large screen television or crotchless panties display.

Videogame Roundup 842010  Bioshock 2 collectors edition

On the Xbox360 launch front we have a new Xbox360 that has 4GB of internal memory and no hard drive. Yay?... Alas there are no actual new games to speak of (Gamestop has the sexy stratagy RPG Record of Agarest War as a launch title this week but everyone else seemed to have gotten that one back in April.)

On the XBOX Live Arcade, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is this weeks launch title and well they all can't be winners can they? I will have a proper review of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair later on but initial reports are it's Castlevania dumbed down for co-op. Since all co-op is evil and doubly so on the Xbox Arcade, (I'm looking your way South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!) I have the feeling my review will not be a positive one.

Videogame Roundup 842010  Castlevania

On the Deal of the week front Forza 3 cars and tracks went on sale and yours truly snatched them all up despite the fact I have more time under the hood on indie games such as Armor Valley than Forza 3 and my current car collection in Forza 3 could be best described by the number 5.

Needless to say, I've been meaning to get back to that game.

Videogame Roundup 842010 Forza 3 DLC

What I have been playing is Dragon Age. I am currently sporting 42 hours which puts it at the front of my Raptr chart (which has been keeping track of my gaming since May). That is an amazing number for what has been about eight days. Not just is it more time than I spent with Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2 (both completed mind you) it is actually more time than I spent at work or with loved ones over the last week.

Speaking of loved ones my girlfriend popped in on me at two in the morning last night while I was playing said game. I turned off Dragon Age (mainly so I wouldn't have to hear "do you find a French accent sexy" and "Should I dress more like Morrigan?"). Not to mention the fact I feel a little dirty playing a fugly dark elf mage seducing various wenches and witches. (At least when I have an audience. This is what has always bothered me about Fable 2's co-op. While one player is having sex with his wife what exactly is the other player supposed to be doing?)

Videogame Roundup 842010  Fable 2 wives

So I quickly popped in Assassin's Creed 2 which I picked up for $20 at the Gamestop Sale and had not had a chance to actually play yet. I figured I would show off some Italian Renaissance fashions (My girl loves the costume dramas). Alas I only seemed to play some expository warehouse level ( all the while listening to my girlfriend ramble on about French Lieutenant's Woman of all things). What is strange is I managed to get two achievements (Arrivederci Abstergo and The Birth of an Assassin) simply by walking down a hallway into a car trunk and participating in a couple of quick time events... and honestly achievements that cheap also make me feel a little dirty.

Well the doldrums of summer seem as good a time as any to catch up on some indie games. In addition I might actual reach the Landsmeet in Dragon Age. Assuming I can stop creating new characters and just finish with the one I started with.

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Videogame Roundup 842010  French Luetenants  woman

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