Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Indie Game Roundup: MyBand Review

MyBand: Xbox Live Indie Game: Publisher: Kydos

There are dozens of music utilities on Xbox live indie services however MyBand is fairly unique. For one thing, it allows you to play the violin in the band so attempts at recreating eighties europop will not be in vain. In addition, it allows up to four players at a time and allows you to record your musical creations. The graphics are simple yet colorful and the game supports most musical peripherals.

But alas this isn't Rock Band for a dollar. The game itself has no prerecorded music and as far as I could tell there was no way to download tracks either. So anyone hoping to add a violin solo to Megadeath's Hanger 18 will be out of luck.

This is a true utility program, push a button and the corresponding note, on whatever instrument you chose, plays. There are no lines of X's or A's to push. There isn't even simple public domain sheet music.

There is only a free play button mash option and the audience goes wild whether you are Eric Clapton or Ashlee Simpson. All of which brings up a simple quandary. Why would one want to use this on an Xbox360?

Obviously a similar program on a home PC would be more fun. And certainly make it much easier for you and your friends to share tracks over the internet. In fact much more powerful music programs are available as freeware for most windows based systems.

All this "Come to Jesus" talk is a bit of a shame because developer Kydos certainly did a fine job. However without a game at its core this is simply a utility that is overshadowed by much better software on much more appropriate platforms.

Score: Not worth even a dollar.

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Myband E
I like to think they are Twinkies but some people in the room are saying bananas.

Myband D
Nothing says I have no friends and I need to clean my television as much as this screen capture. (Not my screen capture by the way. You can tell because it is in focus)

Myband B
Live out your inner Spinal Tap with our Stonehenge set. (Dwarfs not included)

Myband A
Record your button mashing for posterity. No word whether you can stream your creations to other games soundtracks.

Myband F
I always wondered why no-one has yet to put out a Rock Band style game with a groupie minigame. Honestly it is like releasing a GTA game where you have to buy all your own cars.


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