Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Indie Game Review: MetaElectric Guitar

MetaElectric Guitar: Xbox Live Indie Game: Developer: Jordan Mews

MetaElectric Guitar is yet another music simulation utility on the Xbox Indie service. Apparently the Xbox360's ability to make sounds is fascinating to indie developers.

MetaElectric Guitar A

The first thing that will strike you about MetaElectric Guitar is that the interface (as can be gathered from the screen shots below) has all the panache of a microwave oven door. There are literally only two screens in the entire game. One a menu screen and the other witch looks like a countdown clock attached to a particularly incompetent bomb. There is no guitar, no playing, no giant Twinkies on stage being cheered by a fake audience.

MetaElectric Guitar D

You simply adjust some numbers and push the "twang" button" and your Xbox squeaks out a somewhat tinny version of that guitar note... that's it.

MetaElectric Guitar C

Of all the music utility "games" I have reviewed I believe this very well may be the laziest and most useless of them all... and that is quite an accomplishment against such stiff competition.

Score: Not even a dollar.

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MetaElectric Guitar B

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