Friday, July 9, 2010

Indie Game Preview: Aphelion

Aphelion: Xbox Live Indie Game: Publisher Lunatic Studios

Aphelion is the point on its orbit when the Earth is farthest from the sun. It is also a 5 hour sci-fi themed turn based combat JPRG.

Aphelion B

Could this be the cure I have been looking for. Ever since I played the JPRG that cannot be named (okay fine Infinite Undiscovery) I simply have not been able to play a JPRG. My controller filled hand shakes at the mere notion. Between the night sweats and the terror filled dreams, where I am hopelessly lost with only an Easter colored child to guide me, my PSTD is in full swing.

Aphelion C

Aphelion might just be the homeopathic remedy I have been seeking. Between colorful crisp graphics and catchy tunes I think I am ready to get back on the horse. And at only $3 it is the cheapest cure around.

Aphelion D

My observations from the demo is that there is no shortage of random encounters and the loading screens are too short. (Which has to be the strangest complaint I have ever had about a game. The loading screens contain story exposition and attractive pictures yet even this speed reader gets a sentence in and they disappear.)

Aphelion A

Overall this looks and plays like a full fledged arcade title and a ten dollar one to boot. I am definitively going to check it out and cure myself of this JPRG phobia.

Preview Score: $10

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